Thursday, August 19, 2010

Contest announcement!!!!!

Whether you are a girl who likes a bump and grind on the dance floor, sings into your hairbrush or imagines a slow dance with a tall blond sex god, this is the contest for you! Any song will do as long as it inspires you to write, you can't get much more 'Free Bird' than that can you? Join us, we want to 'Teach the World to Sing' (well the SVM fandom anyway :))

"Do Me” “Feel Like Makin Love” “Pillow Talk” "Love to Love You Baby” “Freak Me” “I Want to Sex You Up” themes encouraged but not required.

If you have the urge to write some Pam and Eric snark; “How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away”, “Papa Don’t Preach” or any other non romantic pairing with Eric then ‘Have the time of your life’.

Your Hosts are: Northman Maille (Alison) and Northwoman (Anne)


  1. And the thread for you guys on SVM Universe. :p