Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And the Winners are ……. The readers.

The banners were made by the fabulous DazedRose. She has been so wonderful to help with graphics for the contest every time.   She did the original avi and banners for the blog. She has done banners for promo stories.  She has created the theme for the banners the past two years. So she rocks!

Without further ado -

Judges  1st place winner:  ‘Gumby’          by Ooshka

Author’s teaser:  Years after a messy and painful break up with Eric, Sookie discovers that clean breaks are difficult and sometimes the door you think you've shut forever won't always stay closed. What happens when Eric's daughter Pam unexpectedly turns up one day? AH OOC

Judges 2nd place winner:   ‘I Looked At You’         by FiniteAnarchy 

I Looked at You  by The Doors,  Youtube link:

Author’s teaser - It's 1967. New York. Eric Northman is one of the biggest Ad Men on Madison Avenue. An unexpected request leads to the studio of famous artist Andy Warhol, where he meets someone else he would never have expected. Someone who is about to open his eyes to an entirely new lifestyle.

Virgin winner:  ‘Hjerteknuser’                   by LinBer93

Hjerteknuser   by Kaizers Orchestra ,  Youtube link:   (turn on English subtitles if you need them)

Author’s teaser - AU/AH Viking age. Eric and Sookie are best friends before Eric has to leave with his father so he can learn how to be a real Viking. They were supposed to return three months later, but never shows. Sookie is praying to Odin for Eric to return to her, but when he does, it is not what she had expected or even hoped for.

Public Vote 1st place winner:   ‘Somewhere’      by Magsmacdonald

Somewhere  from West Side Story,  Youtube link:

Author’s  teaser - Almost 100 years after Eric left for Oklahoma, he's been kidnapped to a hidden location for a last goodbye.

Public Vote  2nd place winner:  ‘Poison’                 by Belleviolette

Poison  by Alice Cooper,   Youtube link:

Author’s teaser -   Eric is a powerful executive at a well-known accounting firm. Married to Pam for years, he lives his life according to routine and organization. His work life, however, has gone a little off the rails... ever since he was assigned a bold and extremely sexy executive assistant. Will he give in to temptation?

Northwoman’s pick

This is always difficult for me with so many stories I like and for various reasons.  I begin by  rereading some favorites and then select one.  I ended up picking a story I felt deserved more recognition, highly rated, even though it was not first or second.

I also want to thank everyone who helped us so much; the authors, the judges, the readers, and awesome graphics from DazedRose.  I had help from many people who had previously hosted contests with information on hosting, and judging & scoring. I thank you all so much as it wouldn’t have been possible without you. 

Of course, it all started with an idea from my friend, Alison (Northman Maille) who had such a great concept with music..

Anne’s pick:  ‘’Every Breath You Take’  by Merick

Every Breath You Take  by The Police,  Youtube link:

Author’s teaser:  What if Agent N finds himself with a new, green partner, after personal loses? Can he keep it professional or will their mission draw something out of him that he wants to keep buttoned down. Who is actually watching whom?

Thanks again to everyone!!  Congratulations to the winners and all the authors who participated.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Voting begins!!!!!

We have 21 entries in this year's contest.   Please read the top 10 entries and give them some review love, then go vote for your 2 favorites.

The top 10 entries in author alphabetical order are:(if you click the title it will take you to the story)

Love to Love You Baby by alh1971

All I Want to Do is Make Love to You by ali989969

Poison by Belleviolette

I Looked at You by FiniteAnarchy

Eyes on Fire by GabrielleBlue

Wild Thing by JanineMNM

Hjerteknuser by LinBer93

Somewhere by Magsmacdonald

Every Breath You Take by Merick

Gumby by Ooshka

Congratulations authors and thank you to all who participated.  A special thanks to Thyra10 and GabrielleBlue who have participated all 3 times with some excellent stories.  

A huge thanks to the wonderful judges:  Batheshebarocks, NYCsnowbird, Onefee27, Sapfirerose, and Suki59,   all of whom have judged at least twice.

The order in the poll is random.    Click HERE to VOTE

Friday, June 7, 2013

Plenty of time to write a story!

Hey everyone!

After a slow start, we are off and running with a few entries.  Only one entry is through judging.  

There are 5 weeks left to send an entry - please send us some creative stories based on some of the amazing songs available.   The last date to enter is July 14th.   Send entry as an email to I.WritetheSongs.SVM

Attach a document in one of these formats: MS Word, OpenOffice, or GDocs format.    See the RULES page for more information.

An exciting update,  I was able to convince the wonderful  Sapfirerose to also be a judge,  so there are 5 wonderful judges - they have all judged before.  Suki59 and NYCsnowbird have participated every year, thank fully.   Sapfirerose managed to handle the first year when we had 51 entries, so I had to spend 3 years convincing her to come back!

Just as an FYI,  when your entry is accepted, you will get an email back.  I am out of town more weekends than in the past (riding my Harley), so you may get a message to that effect.  Never fear, I will get your entry in process as soon as possible.

Thank you  authors, judges,  and readers,  for making this contest all that it can be!

Anne   aka Northwoman

Friday, April 5, 2013

I Write the Songs 2013

Hey everyone!

So here we are only about a month from the last regular Sookie book in the series.  I think we need one more round of stories, OUR WAY. I encourage everyone to write, read, review, or participate in some way.  I tried to keep it simple this time.

I feel a little behind and I'm definitely behind on my fanfiction reading.  Real life has roared in to center stage in a big way for me.  So not everything is quite updated here or on  But it almost is.

The timeline is correct.  Submissions start May 11 and go through July 14.  I always want to give you plenty of time.  And this way, it is just in time for my birthday,  so send me some stories.

Yes,  I am steadfast to my stubborn rule -- if Eric and Sookie are in a romantic pairing it is with each other.  I love the variety of great stories we have had.  But I do enjoy the sweet and fluffy HEAs SO much,  even if they aren't as creative as some of the judges might prefer.

Please start thinking of your ideas to write. I'll have everything completely updated very soon.

TGIF!   Thanks to everyone who has helped me so much in this contest over the years.  And a special thanks to Alison for the great theme idea.

Anne     (Northwoman)

Friday, August 10, 2012

And the Winners are.......

And the Winners are …….  all of us, getting these stories to read.

The banners were made by the fabulous DazedRose. She has been just awesome about making these (and working with a graphics challenged person like me).   She created a theme for the banners.
(Sorry in advance that my fonts in this post are all over the place.)

Judges  1st place winner:  ‘Trigger Happy’   by Ooshka
Trigger Happy by Lloyd Cole,   Youtube link:

Author’s teaser- Eric Northman – bar-owner, husband, and father – is a man under pressure. And his night is about to get worse. Just how trigger happy is Victor Madden, anyway?.

Judges 2nd place winner:   ‘Andrew in Drag’    by esquilo-negligenciadas 

Author’s teaser - When his friend signs up for amateur drag night at a Bourbon Street club, Eric tags along for the entertainment value, but his evening (and his life) is quickly turned on its head as "Sookie" takes to the stage..

Virgin winner:  ‘Winds of Change’        by Alyanne1375
Winds of Change by Scorpion ,  Youtube link: 

Author’s teaser - Sookie has been struggling to make ends meet when Gran comes up with an idea that could change everything. AU

Multi-chapter Fic winner:  ‘Sempre Fi’      by InLoveWithEric
Sempre Fi by Trace Adkins ,  Youtube link:

Author’s teaser -  Sookie has taken her job as the cheerleader for Jason's squad stationed in Afghanistan very serious over the last two years. What happens when they receive a new Staff Sergeant only eight months before they are due home? He is a hard to read, no nonsense Marine with no time for fun, games, women and anything else, well human. That is until he receives his "Welcome Package" from one of his men's sister. What will happen when that small gesture causes a chink in this man's armor? Will it help him be a better soldier or could having his mind on other things than his men put them all in danger. Follow these two as they learn about one another and fall in love while living life on two separate sides of the world. AH – NC-17 for later.

Public vote 1st place winner:   ‘Yellow Ledbetter’     by Evenflo78
Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam,  Youtube link:

Author’s  teaser - One truck driver, a flat tire, and a rain-drenched girl. Drifting hearts don't always have to be lonesome. AH/OOC

Public vote  2nd place winner:  ‘Heart’s a Mess’       by Moxiemo
Heart’s a Mess by Gotye  Youtube link:

Author’s teaser -   Trouble's brewing as vampires gear up to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Great Revelation. What will happen when Sookie runs into Eric at a meeting several years after he left for Oklahoma? "Canon" to follow Deadlocked.

Northwoman’s pick

This is a horrible task as there are so many stories I enjoyed, for different reasons, in diferent styles. I started with rereading some favorites and then selected one.

I also want to thank everyone who helped us so much; the authors, the judges, the readers, and awesome graphics from DazedRose.  I had help from many people who had previously hosted contests with information on hosting, and judging & scoring. I thank you all so much as it wouldn’t have been possible without you. 

Of course, it all started with an idea from my best buddy, Alison (Northman Maille) who had such a great concept with music..

I couldn’t just announce my host pick without acknowledging all my favorite stories from the contest.  There were so many good ones that I enjoyed so much.

My top favorites from the entries:
From top 10:  Yellow Ledbetter, Leave Me Alone, Heart’s a Mess, really they are all good.

And these stories, that I also loved,  were in the 11-17 range, so close to the top 10:
  • Iron, a story where Eric and Sookie are together and I always think she should at least consider being turned.
  • Undressed, where Eric is so adorably clueless which is totally out of character for him.
  • Figure It Out, Sookie see the potential in Eric in so many ways.
  • Semper Fi, which is an AH story with good character development and an interesting theme.

 I decided I couldn’t pick from the top 10 as they already earned recognition. I took a different approach and just picked something that was FUN and yanked at my heart.  I did this starting as a child and also as an adult.  The song will make it clear – LOVE the song - boats tied together, people drinking and swimming and grilling on the lake or river.  Sookie in an itty bitty bikini,  Eric with a bare chest - yum. So…  I chose … Redneck Yacht Club by InLoveWithEric.  

Anne’s pick:  ‘’Redneck Yacht Club’  by InLoveWithEric
Redneck Yacht Club  by Craig Morgan,  Youtube link:

Author’s teaser: Eric has come to Bon Temps to go into business with his best friend from college, Alcide. Summer has just begun and he is initiated into what is fondly called by the locals, the "Redneck Yacht Club." But Eric gets a much bigger eye full then just some interesting characters and tricked out boats. A certain blond haired beauty might make this move the best decision Eric has ever made. M, AH.

Thanks again to everyone!!  Congratulations to the winners and all the wonderful authors who participated.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Judges' Top 10 - voting begins!

I originally put up the fanfiction site and this blog saying we would vote based on the judges' top 10 for the public's top 2 favorites.  We have 25 entries posted and judged.  It is about half of last time and a couple of weeks ago I changed my mind and thought we would only do the top 8.  Now having the results from the judges, the scores were a tie for 8 and 9.  I will say number 11 was only a fraction of a point from number 10, also 11 and 12 not far behind.  But I want everyone to READ all the entries and that is why I narrow it down to the judges' top scores.

I do this contest to encourage and support authors and to have more stories.  It is for FUN!  It won't be perfect because nothing is perfect.  It's as objective as it can be.  If it were totally objective, we wouldn't need judges, I would just have a computer do the scores or something.

These judges were tough, very critical compared to last time.   The bulk of the scores ended up in the 5s and 6s.  I translate those to a score out of 100 and the top story got a 70.   That is much lower than last time. The judges don't always like the happy stories I do, which is part of why I need a hosts' pick.  It never ceases to amaze and confuse me how one judges' favorite is another judges' lowest scoring story.

I have created a poll to see when might be a good time to run this contest next year when the last book comes out and another season of True Blood. Vote if you haven't
I Write the Songs 2013 poll

Here is the voting; please READ the entries. You may vote for your top 2 favorites. 
Top 10 - public vote for favorites - click on Vote now

So the poll will be up until August 8th at 6pm CST.     Winners will be announced August 10th!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Do you want more I Write the Songs?

I started this contest with my dear friend Alison, because we love fanfiction,  we love Eric and we love music.    We wanted to encourage and support authors and have more stories to read.  We did some things which were new at the time.  They were things I would want if I were an author.

  • A long lead time
  • A long submission period
  • An inspiring theme
  • Feedback from the judges
  • Anonymous judging with public posting
  • An organized contest with pimping, tools, etc.

Some things worked better than others, of course.  But please remember the purpose of the whole event  is fun and to encourage and support authors.  This year has been tough with the fandom less active and honestly,  these judges are tough.  Their average scores are lower overall than last time by 2-3 points,  so more 4s and 5s  with less 7s or 8s.  The scoring numbers are categorized by 1- poor, 3 - fair, 5 - average, 7- good, 9- excellent and 10 - outstanding.  I believe in a full range of scores and it makes sense to have mostly 5s, which are average.   I just like so many and tend to enjoy and love a wide range of stories.

So I am thinking about whether this contest will happen again.  Last year is the final Sookie Stackhouse book.  True Blood has also been renewed for next year.  I am hoping people will want to write their own version of the last book  or what happens after the last book,  or something all human and totally different.  

I love this fandom and hope it will not end with the end of the books or the show.  So I am asking you to tell me when you would most like the contest to run at least one more time.

Please vote in a poll to tell me the timing you prefer for another I Write the Songs.  You can choose more than one or enter your own suggestion.   Go to the poll

Everyone,  thank you again for all your help and support!