Friday, April 5, 2013

I Write the Songs 2013

Hey everyone!

So here we are only about a month from the last regular Sookie book in the series.  I think we need one more round of stories, OUR WAY. I encourage everyone to write, read, review, or participate in some way.  I tried to keep it simple this time.

I feel a little behind and I'm definitely behind on my fanfiction reading.  Real life has roared in to center stage in a big way for me.  So not everything is quite updated here or on  But it almost is.

The timeline is correct.  Submissions start May 11 and go through July 14.  I always want to give you plenty of time.  And this way, it is just in time for my birthday,  so send me some stories.

Yes,  I am steadfast to my stubborn rule -- if Eric and Sookie are in a romantic pairing it is with each other.  I love the variety of great stories we have had.  But I do enjoy the sweet and fluffy HEAs SO much,  even if they aren't as creative as some of the judges might prefer.

Please start thinking of your ideas to write. I'll have everything completely updated very soon.

TGIF!   Thanks to everyone who has helped me so much in this contest over the years.  And a special thanks to Alison for the great theme idea.

Anne     (Northwoman)


  1. I want to do this!
    I love Sookie and Eric.

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