Friday, June 7, 2013

Plenty of time to write a story!

Hey everyone!

After a slow start, we are off and running with a few entries.  Only one entry is through judging.  

There are 5 weeks left to send an entry - please send us some creative stories based on some of the amazing songs available.   The last date to enter is July 14th.   Send entry as an email to I.WritetheSongs.SVM

Attach a document in one of these formats: MS Word, OpenOffice, or GDocs format.    See the RULES page for more information.

An exciting update,  I was able to convince the wonderful  Sapfirerose to also be a judge,  so there are 5 wonderful judges - they have all judged before.  Suki59 and NYCsnowbird have participated every year, thank fully.   Sapfirerose managed to handle the first year when we had 51 entries, so I had to spend 3 years convincing her to come back!

Just as an FYI,  when your entry is accepted, you will get an email back.  I am out of town more weekends than in the past (riding my Harley), so you may get a message to that effect.  Never fear, I will get your entry in process as soon as possible.

Thank you  authors, judges,  and readers,  for making this contest all that it can be!

Anne   aka Northwoman

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