We are honored to welcome the following as your judges:

BatheshebaRocks, NYCSnowbird, Onefee27,  SapfireRose, Suki59. 

The above judges will get an MS Word doc with a story title (but no author or penname) on it and have up to 2 weeks to judge and turn in the scoring sheet .

Each of the criteria is given 1-10 points. The authors will receive feedback in the form of  total / averaged scoring.

After the scorecards are all in for their story, the author will receive an email telling them to go ahead and post their entry on their own profile, and send back the link so that we may add it to the community and blog.

Authors will receive averaged scores.

Winners (6):

1st & 2nd place by Judges (anonymous)
1st & 2nd place by Public vote (not anonymous from Judges top 10)

Host pick (not anonymous, not necessarily from the top 10)

Virgin winner (anonymous, may or may not be the same as Judges 1st or 2nd, may or may not be in the Judges top 10).

No prizes other than the great kudos of winning and banners created for their story.