Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And the Winners are ……. The readers.

The banners were made by the fabulous DazedRose. She has been so wonderful to help with graphics for the contest every time.   She did the original avi and banners for the blog. She has done banners for promo stories.  She has created the theme for the banners the past two years. So she rocks!

Without further ado -

Judges  1st place winner:  ‘Gumby’          by Ooshka

Author’s teaser:  Years after a messy and painful break up with Eric, Sookie discovers that clean breaks are difficult and sometimes the door you think you've shut forever won't always stay closed. What happens when Eric's daughter Pam unexpectedly turns up one day? AH OOC

Judges 2nd place winner:   ‘I Looked At You’         by FiniteAnarchy 

I Looked at You  by The Doors,  Youtube link:

Author’s teaser - It's 1967. New York. Eric Northman is one of the biggest Ad Men on Madison Avenue. An unexpected request leads to the studio of famous artist Andy Warhol, where he meets someone else he would never have expected. Someone who is about to open his eyes to an entirely new lifestyle.

Virgin winner:  ‘Hjerteknuser’                   by LinBer93

Hjerteknuser   by Kaizers Orchestra ,  Youtube link:   (turn on English subtitles if you need them)

Author’s teaser - AU/AH Viking age. Eric and Sookie are best friends before Eric has to leave with his father so he can learn how to be a real Viking. They were supposed to return three months later, but never shows. Sookie is praying to Odin for Eric to return to her, but when he does, it is not what she had expected or even hoped for.

Public Vote 1st place winner:   ‘Somewhere’      by Magsmacdonald

Somewhere  from West Side Story,  Youtube link:

Author’s  teaser - Almost 100 years after Eric left for Oklahoma, he's been kidnapped to a hidden location for a last goodbye.

Public Vote  2nd place winner:  ‘Poison’                 by Belleviolette

Poison  by Alice Cooper,   Youtube link:

Author’s teaser -   Eric is a powerful executive at a well-known accounting firm. Married to Pam for years, he lives his life according to routine and organization. His work life, however, has gone a little off the rails... ever since he was assigned a bold and extremely sexy executive assistant. Will he give in to temptation?

Northwoman’s pick

This is always difficult for me with so many stories I like and for various reasons.  I begin by  rereading some favorites and then select one.  I ended up picking a story I felt deserved more recognition, highly rated, even though it was not first or second.

I also want to thank everyone who helped us so much; the authors, the judges, the readers, and awesome graphics from DazedRose.  I had help from many people who had previously hosted contests with information on hosting, and judging & scoring. I thank you all so much as it wouldn’t have been possible without you. 

Of course, it all started with an idea from my friend, Alison (Northman Maille) who had such a great concept with music..

Anne’s pick:  ‘’Every Breath You Take’  by Merick

Every Breath You Take  by The Police,  Youtube link:

Author’s teaser:  What if Agent N finds himself with a new, green partner, after personal loses? Can he keep it professional or will their mission draw something out of him that he wants to keep buttoned down. Who is actually watching whom?

Thanks again to everyone!!  Congratulations to the winners and all the authors who participated.

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