Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Other options for posting your stories

I have set up 3 collections for I Write the Songs at a fanfiction site called AO3  (Archive of Our Own).  While it has been around for a while, it’s recently come to the attention of many in the fanfiction world. It is still in its beta phase, but it looks promising. One advantage it has over fanfiction.net is, it has an Explicit rating, so posting smexy stories is within the site rules.

The collections I set up are:

Some of the sample fics and stories from 2010 are there. If any authors from either 2010 or 2012 want to post there and add into the collection, or the Sample Fics collection, let me know. The support is friendly and helpful; they said they would help me get invitations for the authors to get onto the site. They are trying to limit growth during the beta phase. So it might take a little effort, but I think it is worthwhile to try to develop this new site. I encourage you to follow I Write the Songs on AO3 as well as on ff.net. If you need an invitation, you can contact me through comments below or email at i.writethesongs.svm@gmail.com  or tweet me at @I_WritetheSongs.   Random-Fandom  also has some invites, email them at  fanfiction@random-fandom.net .  

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