Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's coming! A new round of I Write the Songs!

Hi everyone!  

With some encouragement,  I have decided to do another I Write the Songs contest.  I am currently updating and trying to improve some things to make this time even better.   Look for more soon.  Follow  this blog or @I_WriteTheSongs on Twitter to keep up on the contest.

I will be updating sections of this blog as I get the parameters set, right now it is all things from the fall of 2010.  Let me know (tweet me at @I_WriteTheSongs or email me at  if you are interested in being a beta for this contest.

My dear Alison has told me she does not feel well enough to co-host but she may write an entry!  She was the brilliant source of the theme for this contest.  Music is so inspiring.

I am looking forward to some new stories and some new authors!  The tentative submission dates are:  May 21-July 15.  Hopefully the new book in May and the new season of True Blood will also fuel some ideas for you to tell a story YOUR way!

I really want to thank everyone for the support they gave us in the previous contest and hope you will be able to participate anew.  The overloaded judges were awesome.  Some of the changes I plan should make it easier for the new judges.  

More soon.   Much love.

Anne - Northwoman

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